A failed parachute.
Hardening of the arteries, resulting in a heart attack.
E-bola virus
The big C , cancer
A fatigued bungee cord.
An auto accident.
#7 A jealous husband.
An airline crash....
  I'm not afraid of flying, it's the plummeting to earth from
  thirty thousand feet in a giant fire ball that scares me.
Being struck by lightning.
#11 Aids.
Falling asleep while smoking, driving, or lying in a hot bath,
  in fact sleeping during most activities, other than reading is bad for you!!!
A gang member worried about witnesses during a convenience store robbery.
A crazed fan or a deranged stalker.
A malfunctioning elevator.
Drowning.........they say its possible to drown in a teaspoon of water.
Poison gas; yes, a saran gas attack can fuck-up your whole day.
Heroin overdose.
A nuclear war............I hope they don't split no atoms around here!!
Erupting volcanoes..................especially the lava.
Kidney failure.
Earthquakes exceeding 7 point O on the Richter scale.
Followed by a tsunami.
A lethal injection.
Serial killers....law enforcement claims there are at least
  fifty of them operating in the united states today....
Being eaten by a great white shark...rare? But it happens.
Carelessly falling into an uncovered man hole.
An avalanche..........
Being bitten by a brown recluse spider.
Freezing to death...
Stepping on an undiscovered land-mine.
#32 Starvation.....
Carbon Monoxide Poisoning...
A tornado...
Auto erotic asphyxiation.
Spontaneous Combustion.
#38 Kidney failure.
Falling or being pushed onto the third rail at a
  subway station.
#41 A minor surgical procedure where, somehow, your the
  one in a million, where something goes terribly wrong!
Coming between a North American Grizzly bear and her cub.
An unexpected snowstorm while climbing Mount Everest.
Old Age--Yes the #1 killer of man is Excessive Birthdays.

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