Bobby Brennan was born in Detroit and raised in the suburb of Roseville, MI. He began playing guitar at the age of 12 and played with a variety of bands throughout his life. Even as a child the art of recording music became an obsession. He used a cheap two inch reel-to-reel single mic recorder in mono to record a guitar chord pattern. He would then play the pattern back, jamming lead guitar over the top and used a second recorder to mix the two together. It was a primitive but effective way to simulate double-track recording. Later came the Teac 3340 four-track recorder which was supplanted years later by ADAT technology. He has since moved on to Cubase SX for recording.

In the early 80's, Bobby moved to California and currently lives outside of Los Angeles. His album Questions was recorded at home during the five months prior to and after his legal separation from his ex-wife, Cindy Farrell. Cindy provided background vocals for many of the tracks appearing on the album. He most recently played lead guitar in a blues band in LA and Orange County. See the video page.

Bobby is a multi-instrumentalist who delves into alternate tunings for his acoustic guitar work. His electric guitar work is influenced by the improvisational playing of the past. He played every instrument on the album Questions and is currently writing music to release on this website. Look for his side project, "The Black Dots."